The Order Season 1 Complete

How to Bypass Googledrive Limit
1. if Complete season (multi file) Select file more than 1 file, right click, Download, or just using Download All button in to right corner
2. Drive will create zip file and download automatically.
3. If single file, right click, add to my drive, then go to your own google drive account
4. Click "My Drive" folder, select file, right click. make a copy, then download that copy file.




TheOrder S01E01.mkv
TheOrder S01E02.mkv
TheOrder S01E03.mkv
TheOrder S01E04.mkv
TheOrder S01E05.mkv
TheOrder S01E06.mkv
TheOrder S01E07.mkv
TheOrder S01E08.mkv
TheOrder S01E09.mkv
TheOrder S01E10.mkv

How to download: Visit HERE to watch Video tutorial

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